How to Make a Reusable Stencil

MATERIALS LIST: PRINTED STENCIL PATTERN – PLASTIC STENCIL SHEETS – Grafix 9-Inch-by-12-Inch Stencil Film TAPE – masking tape or painters tape (avoid using scotch tape) CUTTING TOOL – X-Acto Knife or Fine Point Soldering Iron CUTTING SURFACE – scrap piece of wood or self-healing cutting mat OR back of metal baking sheet. 5 SIMPLE STEPS: 1. PRINT YOUR STENCIL OF CHOICE. The stencils on this site are all formatted to print on…

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Welcome to! The Internet's top website for printable stencils, all free to download. Completely FREE.  NO memberships, registration or credit cards required. These stencils are being used for everything…

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How to Make a Free Poster Size Stencil Enlargement

…T! Go to and click on “CREATE YOUR POSTER”   3. UPLOAD THE STENCIL. Upload the stencil file you saved from Step 1.   4. DECIDE HOW BIG OF AN ENLARGEMENT YOU WANT TO MAKE. Change the “Paper Settings” to match your printer and the “Output Size”. The Preview on the right side shows you how many sheets of paper the stencil will print to. Then select “Continue”.   5. PICK “NO EFFECTS” STYLE   6. COMPLETE THE ENLARGEMENT Click on “COMPLE…

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